Magazine Freak

One thing that always amazes me with magazine publishing is that you will always find a London establishment where you can buy or order virtually any printed artisan and bespoke magazine or newspaper direct. For a magazine fanatical freak like myself I’m always drawn to stores like Charlotte Street News in search of thrills and delights to look, touch, feel and smell a printed publication. Immediately after the second lockdown this store opens and is ready go – selling their branded individual glossy titles to everyone and anyone who loves to hold a magazine in their hands.

Niche magazine publishing is definitely alive and kicking – bespoke titles new and old are on press and reaching readers and subscribers with alternative printed content, exceptional material and quality of paper along with well-written editorial to wow the global market.

In order to grow readership some publishers are increasing editorial content and improving their paper quality to give a more tangible, valued feel to the subscriber. Magazines may help drive readers to their sites, but they also offer physical escapism from what can often be a digital content jungle.

Establishments like Charlotte Street News, which has been around for over 30 years as a family owned and operated business shows that print publishing is still alive, they distribute not just in London but worldwide and are a busy store packed full of colourful printed material for all to enjoy. Showing there is definitely a need for magazine printed products which satisfies global magazine lovers everywhere.

Not just this news store but many others in and around the world cements the fact that publishers, editors, designers, photographers, printers, agencies and distributors are working together to nurture and facilitate our wonderful and beautiful magazine titles teasing them out of the net and into our hand