Incentivised Sustainability

Reports are showing that Global Emissions dropped by 7% in 2020 due to the Covid Pandemic – a noticeable decrease but not enough to make a difference in today’s climate. However, France and the UK experienced the largest drops in Europe due to longer-lasting restrictions at 15 and 13 per cent respectively.

However, we can’t rely on a pandemic every year to give an ‘un-healthy’ push in helping to reduce our global emissions – we need to do this ourselves.

New and better ways are being offered to us without having to just go round and switch-off all the lights – this week Print Week reported on other interesting stories such as companies offsetting their entire annual Carbon Footprint with the World Land Trust by purchasing endangered tropical habitats.

Denmaur Papers the merchanting group and old and trusted friend have also announced that they will make their Woodfree Uncoated grade available as a carbon balanced product at no additional cost from 1st January 2021. Another UK company working with the World Land Trust to offer a sustainable deal in reducing emissions fighting against de-forestation and forest degradation.

Carbon offsetting can help to reduce UK and Global emissions much faster – however we must still adhere to other contributing factors such as energy use within industry and the home to help reduce our carbon footprint.

2021 will become a year where we see major changes in ways, we as individuals and our companies get to grips with sustainability and managing the way in which we reduce our emissions through incentives and world alliances.