Here’s a list of the most  frequently asked questions to help you with your project/ order. For more information please email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required


How do I wrap a bus?

Once the media space is booked Cover-Up Media Production will assist you with the design of your campaign. We will then print and arrange for the vinyl to be installed and sustainably removed in time for the complete duration

How do I advertise / promote my campaign on the underground?

Cover-Up Media Production will liaise with the media owner to book and deliver your printed campaign for the selected in charge

What’s the difference between a Bus Rear and a T-Side?

A Bus Rear is the advertisement at the rear of a Bus whereas the T-Side is the large T Shaped advertisement on the main side of a Bus

Where do we have to use Fire Retardant Material?

Fire Retardant Material is used in most Transport Hubs, Shopping Malls or Stadiums where there is a large footfall of customers and passengers.

Can I use reflective material on a Bus?

You can only use reflective material on a bus with certain campaigns and in specific positions. Cover-Up Media Production are experts in wrapping vehicles with almost any design. If you need to know more please get in touch below.

What are the billboard sizes

Billboard sheet sizes range from 4, 6, 16, 48, 96 – depending on Underground or Roadside displays

Is airside advertising restricted?

There are certain restrictions when advertising in Airport departure lounges – Cover-Up Media Production offers advice and assistance with booking, printing and delivering your campaign to be fixed on time and within in-charge date.

Where can I advertise an experiential campaign?

Experiential campaigns can be situated in Malls, Train stations, Outdoor Billboards or Roadside – Cover-Up Media Production are specialists in managing and producing such displays.

Can my festival or event be advertised at a train station?

Yes it can – however you will need approvals and accredited installers to promote your event, Cover-UP Media Production are experts in managing all festival and event advertising.


How do I publish a magazine?

We can help design your publication, compile and produce editorial pages via an agreed template and select the correct images within the content. Quality of paper, pages and print run will determine how you print your magazine. We can collate advertising campaigns and pull the whole production process together – please contact us below.

How do I print a magazine?

This depends on your material selection, pagination – which will determine the binding (perfect bound or saddle stitched) – and print run. Cover-Up Media Production will then select a commercial printer who can facilitate your publication on press, binding and distribution.

What’s the difference between Perfect Bound and a Stitched product

Saddle Stitched is bound by a wire with usually two metal stitches holding together the pagination. Perfect bound used more for higher paginations and bespoke products. Pages are collated and pressed together with a heated binding agent.

When do I need to print Gravure as opposed to Web-Offset?

Gravure printing is often used for larger more nationwide publications of magazines or catalogues. It is a much cleaner and faster approach to printing. Ink density is much smaller than web with more clarity and less dot gain.

Is Litho better for my bespoke publication?

Yes Litho offers a more intense ink distribution where you can use more bespoke and multiple ink colours including special inks and laminates. Offering a more special and individual feel to your product. If you need assistance with your publication please contact us below

How can I improve my Production Process Operating Model?

Cover-Up Media Production offers a tailored service to review, assess and recommend improvements and economies of scale of your entire end-to-end operating model. Improvements can be made from process, skillset, technology and performance improvements throughout your whole supply chain.

How do I find a Production Editorial Designer?

Cover-Up Media Production offers a professional Production Editorial service where we will manage your content and produce your pages to final print and publication.


What is good brand design?

Good Brand design is understanding who you are as a company and what your product is and does. Who your audience or customer base is and how we can bring all those elements together to create a brand that your target audience will recognise, remember and engage with.

How can I improve my brand?

By engaging with Cover-Up Media Production – we will work closely with you and your team , getting to know your team, and company ‘s strengths and weaknesses. We pull together and refocus the origins of where you first began and re-build and re-focus towards an improved and better brand.

How do I promote by brand?

There are multiple channels and platforms where you can promote your brand. From local business areas to global advertising. This all depends on your company’s roadmap and vision. From Printed advertising to digital platforms there are many formats where Cover-Up Media Production will help facilitate your brand’s advertising.


How do I manage my direct mail campaign?

Cover-Up Media Production can take the stress of managing your nationwide mail campaign off your hands. We will manage your database, Co-ordinate your print variables and hand-hold the collation and distribution. Working closely with your marketing division we can seamlessly manage the entire end to end process.

How do I get my message across in direct mail

By understanding your target audience your message can be designed into your campaign as a letterbox mailer or promotional package which can be planned, produced, printed, collated and distributed to your entire database or selected accounts only.

What is an FSDU?

This is a Free Standing Display Unit which can be designed and printed onto various types of folding and sturdy materials. FSDU are often placed in Stores, Malls, Cinemas or anywhere where your target audience and footfall are prominent. We can offer a unique service to print all your in-store FSDU’s, to find out how just contact us below.

What material do I need to use for a hanging sign?

This depends on the venue, building or area you are advertising in. Mostly these are printed on various materials such as Vinyl, Foamex, Polyboard or external water resistant boards. Depending on where you advertise you may have to print on Fire Retardant Stock. Cover-Up Media Production are experts in producing banners for all venues and locations.

Can we print on non-slip vinyl and if so where do I need to use this?

Yes you can print on non-slip vinyl. You would need to use this in heavy customer traffic areas and where there is a large footfall of customers. However it is always best to consult and arrange this type of material through Cover-Up Media Production.


What happens to my material after my campaign is printed?

All materials should be recycled via an end product user or waste management company. Cover-Up Media Limited offers a sustainability and waste management advice service depending on products used.

Are all magazines and newspapers recycled?

Not all magazines and newspapers are recycled – however if you want to find out more about recycling then please contact Cover-up Media Production to find more about how we can help you recycle your product.

Do print suppliers use sustainable inks?

All print suppliers should use sustainable inks. We are closely linked to many types of commercial printers – if you require further information please contact us below.

Are we killing the forests?

Cover-up Media Production only works with print suppliers that procure only PEFC or FSC accredited stock which is made from sustainably sourced pulp and forests.