Cover-UP Media Production is passionate in protecting the environment. We’ve cultured an extensive product knowledge in printable materials from industry standard to bespoke paper, board and vinyl across many formats such as walls, publications and transport, making sure we source the correct sustainable FSC or PEFC accredited stock for your project.

Dedicated to the environment we couldn’t be more passionate about getting it right and protecting the world. 

Whenever and wherever possible we will advise to use the correct sustainable material for any product. Making sure appropriate materials are sourced from FSC or PEFC accredited stock and can be recycled through end users as best practice. 

We carefully select suppliers and manufacturers who will procure the appropriate materials which will benefit and promote your campaign as environmentally and ecologically possible. Our aim is to help reduce the impact on our world’s environment.


We can offer services to assist as follows…

Material and Print Innovation
Suppliers and manufacturers who are, wherever possible, compliant in all warranted accreditations
Bespoke usage and application of product to suit your campaign
Environmental Protection – managed sustainability from accredited companies
Ecological approach using the appropriate recycling capabilities available worldwide

We will source – procure and partner with environmental and waste management companies to help reduce your waste and if required your carbon footprint